Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

Teach Spoken English for Class VI boys and girls in Kilpauk

Ending Date: 18-03-2018 Starting Date: 10-07-2017

  • Location: [ Kilpauk]
  • When: Weekend
  • Activity Type: Teach spoken English for class VII
  • NGO Name: Chennai Volunteers
  • Volunteering type: [ MidTerm ,LongTerm]
  • Cause Type: Underprivileged students

Description:Mary Immaculate School supports the children through education, though it is a Tamil medium school children are so forthcoming to learn spoken English to improve their communication skills.

Teach Spoken English for Nano Nagle Community College Students

Ending Date: 30-04-2018 Starting Date: 03-07-2017

  • Location: [ MountRoad]
  • When: Weekdays
  • Activity Type: Teach Spoken English
  • NGO Name: Nano Nagle
  • Volunteering type: [ MidTerm ,LongTerm ,Weekday Volunteering]
  • Cause Type: Educating underprivileged young women pursuing a one year Diploma in vocational courses

Description:Chennai Volunteers are teaching 'Spoken English' to young women from under privileged background, who are being trained to prepare for their livelihoods. The 'Spoken English' sessions take place on Wednesday mornings.

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