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Ganesh "Hi I am Ganesh working in Pvt ltd.I have been a part of Chennai volunteers for the past 1 year and my experience so far is simply mind blowing. I have always had that inner desire to connect with people and CV just paid the right path for me. I have volunteered at 'Marina Runners', 'NGO-Meet2017', 'Seva-Cafe' etc and every event would always stay afresh in my heart.The happiness and fulfillment you get when you help someone is something you must experience at-least once in your life time and i feel elated to be a part of CV!"

"It has been a year since I joined Chennai Volunteers team and it has been a wonderful experience for me. First of all, I would like to thank Chennai Volunteers for making me part of their volunteering team and giving me wonderful opportunities through the year to help the less privileged children in schools by way of teaching spoken English and yoga. It gives me great satisfaction and contentment when I see the smiling faces of children looking forward for the spoken English sessions. The different modules designed by CV for the purpose of teaching spoken English are simple but effective tools which I feel has a great impact on the children. They love their spoken English classes more for the reason that there is a lot of interaction between the volunteers and the students during the session and the lessons are kept simple and easy and they are taught in a fun way. Apart from the regular spoken English classes it was great teaching the students lessons on personal health and hygiene and how to protect themselves from falling sick which helps them a lot in their routine lives."

"Being a qualified yoga instructor I also had the opportunity of taking yoga classes in a couple of schools as a part Chennai Volunteers summer camp last year. Yoga is an art and a science which has to be learned right from childhood. Today's kids are tomorrow's future - in this stressful world it is imperative that every child learn the technique to keep themselves physically, mentally and emotionally fit. It gave me great pleasure and joy to share my knowledge and skills on yoga for the benefit of the next generation."

"To put it in a nutshell, I am very glad and proud to be a part of Chennai Volunteers team and am looking forward for a continued relationship in future with lots and lots of opportunities to make a difference in the society in which we live."

"Hi. I am Gopika. I would like to share my experiences as a volunteer at the cancer institute, paediatric ward. I have been visiting this place for the past 3 months and gives me immense pleasure to work with the children here. I see the children here with a lot of energy & enthusiasm despite their illness. They do not seek sympathy from us. Even though they have life threatening disease & undergo a painful treatment they do not stop being joyful and happy. This is the greatest quality that I have seen in them. The attitude with which they handle their suffering is amazing. Most of the children exhibit very good fine motor skills which I observed during colouring & crafts session. They also show a lot of interest in puzzles and indoor games."

"Initially, I had this inhibition of how to work with the children who are suffering from cancer, it will be very sorrowful and will make me sad. The children here proved me wrong and I take back so much happiness from them every week. This is a big learning experience for me. I thank you all for giving me this opportunity to volunteer at this institute and help the children in some way."

My journey with CV started as recent as 3 years ago..... As the day I joined them is still so vivid! All of us have inside of us a basic need to give back to society. It is part of our culture, our ethos. Yet, we don't always know how to go about it. Money is not the only way of giving back.

At CV - a volunteer who is good in art, music, yoga, theatre, English, sport, math, admin, craft..... You name it and CV will map your skill to a partner NGO! This is amazing, that CV offers such diversity to its volunteers as well as the NGO's. Chennai Volunteers has a fantastic capacity to sustain itself. In 3 years it has grown from single digit to thousands of volunteers.

As a volunteer it is very important to have structure and CV does this by providing a very simple module at all times. It even has a feedback feature to channel suggestions and share volunteer experiences. One always goes into voluntary work thinking YOU are going to help the less fortunate.... but you come out getting more from the opportunity and are actually the fortunate one. Voluntarism is an amazing experience and CV has that rare nuance to make both volunteer and NGO to feel as important as the other and make this 2 way street a simple, enjoyable and fulfilling path. CV has a wonderful team of staff that works relentlessly and quietly with the support and strong encouragement of its 2 founders - Sanyukta Gupta & Rinku Mecheri , without whom none of this would have been possible! :) Hey guys - you rock.... thanks!!!

CV Makes it easy & Convenient to volunteers even if one can offer only a little time. Volunteers convenience in terms of subject preference, location and time available, all are given due consideration. The students seem to enjoy these more informal yet well-structured sessions, as well as learn. Other than the subject matter at hand, they are also taught pronunciation, etiquette, given a confidence boost, encouraged to respect themselves as women - subtle intangibles that can make a huge difference. Since CV works with the formal teaching staff, there is no antipathy from them. It seems everyone gains.

I have been teaching accounts for the past two years for a few B.Com boys in the police boys and girls club. I really appreciate their regularity, punctuality, sincerity and good behaviour. This made it possible for them to pass their exams. A couple of them are now employed also. Teaching them gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Giving a little back under the banner of Chennai volunteers:

As a retired kindergarten teacher and a part time grandmother I found I had time to take on some socially productive work with flexible timings and a work schedule that was none too binding. Chennai volunteers gave me just the slot I was looking for .As a well-organized team of young people Chennai Volunteers has set a very meaningful goal for themselves to bring lessons on language skills, hygiene, etiquette, basic manner and general knowledge and social awareness to young children starting from age 8 to 14. . The two schools to which I was assigned as a story teller and a language teacher was Avvai Home School in Adyar and Seva Samajam in pallipattu.

Chennai Volunteers prepared the lesson plan and provided the material for each session .The planning team took the advice of and the inputs from all the volunteers to make it fit the needs of the children. The guidelines for the volunteers like me were also clearly set .The organizers also kept us informed about their plans for social work they were taking on from time to time. Participation in varied projects was welcomed and encouraged .In all I felt I belonged to group of active, interested young people who were determined to bring about a positive change in the lives of people around them. Thanks CV for counting me in and letting me does my little bit. Your spirit shall continue.