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Second Innings is a volunteering programme to encourage active elders ( above 55 years of age) in our city to come forth and volunteer their time for various causes. These citizens are a powerhouse of experience, talent and knowledge, have time on their hands and we provide them with avenues to reach out to those who can benefit from their experience. They share their skill, time and concern with deserving people, at NGOs not far from their home. They can teach, read to the visually challenged, help in admin related work or even spend time with other elders.

As we know, volunteering isn’t just beneficial for those being helped. It helps the well-being of volunteers as well, emotionally, physically and mentally. It also helps portray seniors as a healthy and vital part of our society. Here are some other ways that volunteering helps seniors:

* It brings you in constant contact with the youth of today and helps you understand and appreciate their ideology and dreams. While you engage with them, you help them, you inspire them to broaden their horizon and in the process, learn from them as well.

* It gives you a new lease of life, a sense of purpose, a mental and physical recharge : When you start engaging with new people and work with them, the benefits always come right back to you. You become part of a new community and this adds a zest to your daily routine and improve your health and longevity.

* You make senior citizens look better in society : just by reaching out of your comfort zone and giving back to the community, people perceive all seniors as compassionate, involved int he betterment of society and respect you more.

* It helps you stay connected, positive and networked: by joining. Volunteer group and by the sheer energy that compassion always carries along with it, you stave off the fear of loneliness or depression.