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  • MSS Tamabaram

    Adolescent Matters An experienced doctor by profession with oodles of patience, genuine concern and compassion while dealing with the youth make Dr. Shamsunissa a coveted CV resource. In her quietly generous manner, she has been addressing adolescents across all our partner schools on the emotional, physical & physical changes they go through and the importance of a healthy mind & body. She has them enrapt as she discusses a breadth of issues and encourages them to clear their doubts. Snapshots of her sessions at various schools.

  • Balsanjeevani

    Being the reason for someone`s smiles!Daan Utsav at Balsanjeevani, a centre for children with Cerebral Palsy came alive with joy, love and fun as CV Farhana and her team transformed the place into a festive carnival for the children and their mothers, alike - spreading cheer and so much joy!Thank You from Team CV

  • Arjun

    For the last 18 months CV has been an effectual platform enabling me to utilise my skills for the betterment of our Society. Teaching Spoken English to children at School, guiding the Visually Challenged in music by teaching them Plectrum Guitar, volunteering at Marathon Events organised for a social cause, assisting to organise recreational activities for children at the Cancer Institute, and scribing for the visually challenged during their crucial semester exams are some of the enriching experiences that I cherish during my association with CV.
    The quality that I appreciate the most in Chennai Volunteers is how eager they are to receive feedback in a professional manner and also, equally, put in efforts to implement any plausible changes offered to them by the volunteers from the volunteer’s ongoing activities. This has given room to growth for both me and the beneficiaries of the organised activity, in my experience.