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An initiative of The Mecheri Foundation – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – South India.

I/We (Individual/Corporate(s), as the case maybe), hereinafter referred to as “Volunteer”, agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned hereinbelow as a condition to volunteering in the initiatives, ways, enterprises, entities with and or other opportunities that is procured by or facilitated by Chennai Volunteers.

1. Volunteer agrees that the time energy or other resources as may be applicable is gratuitous in nature (“volunteer commitment”) and no pecuniary compensation or other compensation is expected or due as a condition to such volunteer commitment.

2. Volunteer agrees to be directed, controlled or otherwise supervised by the authorized representative of Chennai Volunteers whose guidance the Volunteer agrees to be subject to during the term for which there is volunteer commitment.

3. The Volunteer agrees to:

a. Dress and behave in an appropriate manner and shall be sensitive towards any person to whom the Volunteer renders services;

b. Provide volunteer services with such entities and at such centers as may be assigned by Chennai Volunteers;

c. Coordinate with and seek assistance from the coordinator assigned by Chennai Volunteers or the entities to whom the volunteer is rendering services; and

d. Participate in any training required by Chennai Volunteers or the entities to whom the volunteer is rendering voluntary services.

4. Volunteer further agrees and understands that the Volunteer may be responsible personally or otherwise, if due to the Volunteer’s actions any injury, physical or otherwise, is caused to any entity/persons supported by Chennai Volunteer and to whom such volunteer commitment is made.

5. The Volunteer agrees to strictly abide by the time commitment made by the Volunteer in the information requested by the Chennai Volunteers. The Volunteer understands that this information request is a pre-condition that is necessary to Chennai Volunteers in order for them to agree to use the Volunteer’s volunteer commitment. Any retraction by the Volunteer of such time from volunteer commitment is bound to cause loss, monetary or otherwise.

6. The Volunteer agrees to be bound by the applicable laws of India and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Chennai.