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Dinner With Dignity

Dinner with Dignity

Chennai Volunteers

is proud to be part of a citizenship drive that make the homeless in our city visible and part of our daily thoughts.

"Dinners with Dignity"

is an initiative where we all step out to serve the homeless a hot, healthy meal. The idea is to know who and where the homeless in your locality are and feed them a decent meal once a week, without any judgement. As we step into the third month of serving, we can say that feeding the homeless has found an instant connect with our volunteers. The simplicity, deep involvement and above all, the instant gratification you see on a hungry souls face as you hand over a hot packet of home-cooked food, feeds our own soul.

If you wish to join in, all you need to do is cook / buy packets of a simple, nutritious rice meal one evening of the week and join the group to feed the homeless in your locality.

Raise your hand joining us in serving the homeless Dinner with Dignity. This is packed in containers (aluminium foil, plastic containers). The group assembles together at a spot and a small team takes this in a car, auto, bike or walk and is distributed to the homeless. The core team drives in and around the streets to makes sure it reaches only the needy and the homeless. It takes about an hour or so if the route and the target audience is clear or if you want to know more ...

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