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Why do I volunteer? Hear what the volunteers have to say.


"It has been a year since I joined Chennai Volunteers team and it has been a wonderful experience for me. First of all, I would like to thank Chennai Volunteers for making me part of their volunteering team and giving me wonderful opportunities through the year to help the less privileged children in schools by way of teaching spoken English and yoga. It gives me great satisfaction and contentment when I see the smiling faces of children looking forward for the spoken English sessions. The different modules designed by CV for the purpose of teaching spoken English are simple but effective tools which I feel has a great impact on the children. They love their spoken English classes more for the reason that there is a lot of interaction between the volunteers and the students during the session and the lessons are kept simple and easy and they are taught in a fun way. Apart from the regular spoken English classes it was great teaching the students lessons on personal health and hygiene and how to protect themselves from falling sick which helps them a lot in their routine lives."

"Being a qualified yoga instructor I also had the opportunity of taking yoga classes in a couple of schools as a part Chennai Volunteers summer camp last year. Yoga is an art and a science which has to be learned right from childhood. Today's kids are tomorrow's future - in this stressful world it is imperative that every child learn the technique to keep themselves physically, mentally and emotionally fit. It gave me great pleasure and joy to share my knowledge and skills on yoga for the benefit of the next generation."

"To put it in a nutshell, I am very glad and proud to be a part of Chennai Volunteers team and am looking forward for a continued relationship in future with lots and lots of opportunities to make a difference in the society in which we live." - Latha


"Hi. I am Gopika. I would like to share my experiences as a volunteer at the cancer institute, paediatric ward. I have been visiting this place for the past 3 months and gives me immense pleasure to work with the children here. I see the children here with a lot of energy & enthusiasm despite their illness. They do not seek sympathy from us. Even though they have life threatening disease & undergo a painful treatment they do not stop being joyful and happy. This is the greatest quality that I have seen in them. The attitude with which they handle their suffering is amazing. Most of the children exhibit very good fine motor skills which I observed during colouring & crafts session. They also show a lot of interest in puzzles and indoor games."

"Initially, I had this inhibition of how to work with the children who are suffering from cancer, it will be very sorrowful and will make me sad. The children here proved me wrong and I take back so much happiness from them every week. This is a big learning experience for me. I thank you all for giving me this opportunity to volunteer at this institute and help the children in some way." - Gopika


My journey with CV started as recent as 3 years ago..... As the day I joined them is still so vivid! All of us have inside of us a basic need to give back to society. It is part of our culture, our ethos. Yet, we don't always know how to go about it. Money is not the only way of giving back.

At CV - a volunteer who is good in art, music, yoga, theatre, English, sport, math, admin, craft..... You name it and CV will map your skill to a partner NGO! This is amazing, that CV offers such diversity to its volunteers as well as the NGO's. Chennai Volunteers has a fantastic capacity to sustain itself. In 3 years it has grown from single digit to thousands of volunteers.

As a volunteer it is very important to have structure and CV does this by providing a very simple module at all times. It even has a feedback feature to channel suggestions and share volunteer experiences. One always goes into voluntary work thinking YOU are going to help the less fortunate.... but you come out getting more from the opportunity and are actually the fortunate one. Voluntarism is an amazing experience and CV has that rare nuance to make both volunteer and NGO to feel as important as the other and make this 2 way street a simple, enjoyable and fulfilling path. CV has a wonderful team of staff that works relentlessly and quietly with the support and strong encouragement of its 2 founders - Sanyukta Gupta & Rinku Mecheri , without whom none of this would have been possible! :) Hey guys - you rock.... thanks!!! - Sonali


CV Makes it easy & Convenient to volunteers even if one can offer only a little time. Volunteers convenience in terms of subject preference, location and time available, all are given due consideration. The students seem to enjoy these more informal yet well-structured sessions, as well as learn. Other than the subject matter at hand, they are also taught pronunciation, etiquette, given a confidence boost, encouraged to respect themselves as women - subtle intangibles that can make a huge difference. Since CV works with the formal teaching staff, there is no antipathy from them. It seems everyone gains. - Tehnaz

Vishwanath Krishnan

" It was a real 'learning experience' for me to be a small part of CV and see how volunteering can really transform lives and have an impact on India's youth, be it at the police boys club in Besant Nagar, TP Chatram or the beaming girls of MSS. I only had a few opportunities to volunteer, but they have had a lasting impact on me. I commend you for starting this organization and giving the givers and receivers this opportunity to share and grow. I wish you all the best of success, and I know CV will grow from strength to strength. " - Vishwanath Krishnan

Alexander Jacob

" We had a wonderful time on-board Samudra paheredar. There were about 50 odd students from good life centre and few from Bala Mandir who had come to visit this mighty ship of the Indian Coastal guard. Captain and crew members of the Samudra paheredar took us through the ship and showed us everything from the mini missile launcher, the watch room,the mighty engine of the ship and lots more. The Kids along with us had a fabulous experience and gained a lot of knowledge. " - Alexander Jacob


" A visit to the cancer institute, children ward was such a memorable one. Thank you for giving me this beautiful opportunity. I would love to capture more such en -captivating experiences through Chennai volunteers. " - Sravani

Viren Bhanot

" Working at SOS Village, Tambaram, was first and foremost eye opening for me. I realised that there really are people doing good things and not just sitting around cribbing about it, like I have been! I think the setup is fantastic, and the fact that the children are part of small families, instead of being one large group is an especially good feature. The more personal relationships of a family, something which all these children would otherwise have been deprived of, will help them advance much more than if they were just a statistic amid a huge crowd of grey shapes. I would love to continue my association with SOS village, and with Chennai Volunteers, since they allow me to continue with my full time job, while still contributing in any small way I can. " - Viren Bhanot

Amruta Agashe

" It felt really good to meet those adorable kids and be a part of a wonderful event. It was simple and fun. I'm looking forward to participating in more events. " - Amruta Agashe

Sri ram

" I am just happy to have connected you and Bhoomika trust, (which Smt Bombay Jayashri Ji is associated with) who have come up with this wonderful initiative of taking carnatic music to Homes for the elderly & children in Chennai. I am sure there will be many such events in the future that brings anandam to the homes. " - Sri ram


" This experience has brough to light to me ,as well as my friends, a whole new way to help our community. The children are enthusiastic to learn and we were pleasantly suprised by this. We read stories together ,books on science ,fiction and more. Every child had so many questions and we had a lot of fun patiently answering them. We had some questions of our own and the children came up with the most innovative & creative answers one could think off.
We also played outdoor games with them and this brought us all pure joy and induced team work . " - Priyanka

Corporate Volunteers from Cohn Reznick Group

" We thank you for giving us a good opportunity to volunteer Blue Cross. We would like to spend more time in interacting with the animals in the shelter. In fact the members who shown the interested in Blue Cross is based on your inspiring and motivating speech about the animals. Our motive is to Volunteer and help, so we gave our best. " - Corporate Volunteers from Cohn Reznick Group


" We visited the cancer institute yesterday and truly it was a great experience. We organized an art competition and all the children actively participated in it .
It was fantastic to see the kids display great thoughts and some drawings were outstanding. It was great to see the parents of these kids also motivating them to do their best.
One thing that really touched me was when I went into the ICU to collect the drawings. One girl had signed of her painting with these words "God Bless All Of Us" . It was heart melting to see people with such unselfish prayers even when they are going through some tough times in their lives. " - Alex

Sabari Girish

"It was the most memorable volunteering experience we have ever had and we would love to continue this service to those children. A special thanks to you for giving us a very beautiful experience." -Sabari Girish after his first volunteering experience

Gunit Singla

"Had a fun filled, dance filled, game filled and smile filled hour volunteering at the Mahesh memorial ward of the Cancer institute. Our team got entertained with the endless smiles, spontaneity and ideas of the kids there. The do the bogie woogie dance to the chiuk chuk train to passing the parcel, the hour just melted away. Looking forward to being there next time. Thank you Chennai volunteers!!" - Gunit Singla

Vasanth Asokan

"What a day it was in YWCA..!!! It was my 1st time over there. Had a warm welcome 1st of all... that made me 2 like the place even more. Went to create awareness about the importance of education.. And I think we have succeed in it. I felt the changes in the girls over there. I will come again if I get a chance.. Over all it was great.:):) Keep going CHENNAI VOLUNTEERS...:):):)" - Vasanth Asokan

Aparna Sreekumar

"Wishing Chennai volunteers and it's members a hearty congratulations for taking big strides in such a short span of one year!! Wishing CV many successful years of innovative , dedicated and ardent work !" - Aparna Sreekumar

Bhoomika Trust

"Thank you Deepak Ravi for volunteering yesterday at the Police boys club at Kuyil Thottam. Street Footbal, tyre basketball, caroms and challenging them at chess - you did it all! Sarath, Praveen, Sabari, Vijay, Yugal, Sasi and others...had an awesome time interacting with Deepak who so patiently answered their questions. Thank you Chennai Volunteers for linking us up with Deepak" - Bhoomika Trust

Rob Peck,Director of Client Services,O3M Directional Marketing

"I can’t express strongly enough how much of a privilege and a pleasure it is to have the opportunity to volunteer with Chennai Volunteers. Never have I encountered people who are so passionate about helping others less fortunate than them in the community. From my first outing with them at SOS Children’s Village to supporting the Maithree concert to fun filled visits to the children’s ward at the Cancer Institute every outing is filled with joy. Having only recently moved to Chennai I was a bit apprehensive to start volunteering. I didn`t know which organizations were truly helping and which were in it for selfish interests. This is why I love Chennai Volunteers. They clearly vet and carefully select the organizations they work with and provide a safe and fun atmosphere for people to volunteer. Most importantly they do it all with genuine love. In Judaism we have a phrase called Tikkun Olam,which roughly translates to repairing the world. It means that we all have a shared obligation to make the world a better place. No one I have encountered lives up to this ideal better than the team at Chennai Volunteers. Thank you for all your great work." - Rob Peck,Director of Client Services,O3M Directional Marketing

Aparna Sreekumar

"Chennai Volunteer is a wonderful organization where each one of us have an opportunity to invest the humanity in us. It is a platform where the only bridge between the volunteers and the receptor is the effective use of time, and good will. I feel immense satisfaction to be a part of this organization." - Aparna Sreekumar

Kelly Wright

"I am having the most amazing time at Sri Arunodayam Trust. Every single one of the kids has touched a special place in my heart, and I hope I have done the same to them." - Kelly Wright