Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

CV Stories

MSS Tamabaram - Awareness talk by Dr. Shamsu Nissa

Adolescent Matters An experienced doctor by profession with oodles of patience, genuine concern and compassion while dealing with the youth make Dr. Shamsunissa a coveted CV resource. In her quietly generous manner, she has been addressing adolescents across all our partner schools on the emotional, physical & physical changes they go through and the importance of a healthy mind & body. She has them enrapt as she discusses a breadth of issues and encourages them to clear their doubts. Snapshots of her sessions at various schools

Balsanjeevani - Festive Carnival

Being the reason for someone`s smiles!Daan Utsav at Balsanjeevani, a centre for children with Cerebral Palsy came alive with joy, love and fun as CV Farhana and her team transformed the place into a festive carnival for the children and their mothers, alike - spreading cheer and so much joy!Thank You from Team CV

Karpagavalli School - SE Session cum Feeding

When pied piper turns into santa... only for Daan Utsav

Daan Utsav is the festival of giving and bring together many kindred souls together. What do you say for those who have been doing this selflessly eversince we instituted CV? She's been a one-man army with regards to Serving Smiles for this Daan Utsav and a "pied piper" when it comes to story telling among young children. A CV who has taken part in all forms of volunteering and is rearing to go for more! CV Sonali Shah .. taking a break from her teaching sessions and serving smiles among her young friends, of course with her trademark songs!

Seva Samajam - Story telling session

Reading stories & eating goodies

Who says hearing stories can't make you hungry?! Daan Utsav being celebrated at the Seva Samajam School by CV where the stories were followed by a sumptuous snack! Daan Utsav does mean indulging a foodie, especially at CV

MSS Chetpet - launch of Eco - Warriors

Impacting little women - During Daan Utsav

This is wherr it all began for CV and this is where we all root in!Daan Utsav @ Madras Sewa Sadan - you name it, we did it.. with immersion sessions with the equally amazing students of Lady Andal & MSS - in English reading and How to send emails; to a Spoken English session on " Sharing & Giving" at MSS, to Serving Smiles by volunteers at MSS to launching Eco Warriors on their campus. Deepening impact & compassion during the festival of giving.

Deepam Special School - Visit by Sfl

Sometimes, Giving leads to self-learning

Yes this is what our sincere volunteers from Sundaran Fasteners Limited had to say as they took part in several events of Daan Utsav - Spending time at a school for specially abled children, reading to the visually challenged, spending a day at a home for destitute special kids and at a Spoken English session.It's amazing how easy it is to give - anywhere, anytime, in different manners

YWCA - Awareness talk by Dr.Ravi

An interactive session on "Healthy Body & Healthy mindSome good samartians just need a window for extending their expert skill among those who need it the most! Dr, Ravi Subramanium led an amazingly interactive and essential session wiht he young women at YWCA. Entirely, his joy of giving!

Avvai home - SE Session cum feeding

Daan Utsav - Atime to make new friendsSnapshots of some new volunteers who decided to join regular volunteering sessions at this girls home by just serving smiles! And the fulfilment they felt through this will definitely make them volunteers for life!

MSS Tambaram - SE Session Cum Feeding

The Myriad colours of giving - Daan Utsav

MSS Tambaram.. where volunteers from different walks of like come together to make a wholistic impact - Eco Warriors & hence clean up, Spoken English session on the power of giving, Computer Science classes for the bright sparks, tutoring sessions and ofcourse, yummy snacks to make it all worth their while! Daan Utsav is fun when you put your heart to it - say our volunteers!

YWCA - Thanks Giving

Thanks giving ... Daan Utsav

A lot of people have asked us why we celebrate Daan Utsav with such vigour and passion.. the only answer I can give is that it serves as our annual Thanksgiving.. to the NGOs and institutions who believe in us, to the beautiful people who we try and impact and with our fellow volunteers who are one with us. One such occasion at YWCA during Spoken English.

ICCW - Sports Activity

Kho Kho Anyone?

Sometimes a game can break all barriers of language and help you make friends even faster than speaking. Our young volunteers spent an evening doing what the boys of ICCW asked for.

NFB - Feeding

A Vision for women without sight

CV and National Federation of the Blind (NFB) encouraged some visually handicapped women and some men in their efforts to make themselves independent financially/ An excellent event that will help these women immensely.

Arun rainbow home - Screening a movie

When it rains outside - Watch a movieSoem things that we take for granted are very special for people who do not have access to them. Watching a movie on a weekend afternoon is one such activity. We even had to remind them to blink

Seva Samajam - launch of Eco - warriors

A Wonderful day with fabulous kids

A better part of Saturday was spent with the children at one of our partner NGOs. Starting with recreational discussions, to indoor games, to an awareness talk on cleanliness, Eco Warriors, an oath taken by all kids to keep their home clean n' green, a clean up drive, planting of saplings and finally, a hearty meal to top it off! Thanks to all our volunteers who made the children feel very special by sharing so much warmth and fun!

Aman rainbow home - Sports Activity

Simple games for spreading joy

True joy lies in simple acts of kindness and it increases multifold when it comes loaded with fun!An afternoon at Aman Home where we played some indoor and outdoor games we had long forgotten. Who had more fun? We still don't know

PGBC - Journey of life

Sharing their stories of success

A special series where young men who are pursuing technical degrees in renowned institutions of Chennaias scholarship students, volunteered to share their journey in life .. a humble beginning, hard work and grit, perseverence and above all positive thinking. These were the components of their success formula and it definitely struck a chord among our young friends. As for us, we came back inspired as well, inspired to give back more ! Never a dull moment as a Chennai Volunteer.

GOS - Feeding

Serving smiles from the heart

At CV we discovered that a lot of us are foodies and we take this to our friends at partner NGOs as well! Daan Utsav is one special time of the year when all our friends are served their favourite food by us, from our heart. Their instant smiles are enough to warm our hearts.

Aman rainbow home - Awareness session by Nithya

Creating an impressive self image

Young children want to make a good impression on the people they meet but not too many of them know how to. Our volunteer Nithya takes these girls at a partner NGO home through the do's and don'ts of creating an impressive self image. They shine like stars andwe want them to be the stars once they step out into the world as well.

Arun rainbow home - Story telling cum Mehandhi

Celebrating the joy giving at Arun home

When volunteers come forth with the intent to share knowledge, art and talent, they can just change an entire day in the lives of some innocent kids who have never experienced such events before.Some snapshots of a day at a girls home - from Spoken English, to Mehndi on their palms to a rangoli contest... all things girls like! And the joy of giving and receiving was of course, balanced as always!

Aman rainbow home - Launch of Eco - warriors

Clean & Green through Eco - warriors

Keeping our home, school and surroundings clean and green is our responsibility. It's what we owe ourselves and our environment.In keeping with this, CV launched a new Eco Warriors Club at Aman Maiyam Home for girls - our expert resource, Abirami inspired them to listen, believe, take an oath, clean, segregate the waste and plant new saplings of life.. all to make their lives better

Seva Samajam - At beach

Life is always better at the beach

For the children at one of our partner NGOs in the city, there can only be one way to make a morning special - a morning at the beach. And they are allowed this only on very rare and special occasions. Our core volunteers took a bunch of them very early this morning so they were the only ones there and the beach was all theirs.What followed was fun, frolic in the sand 'n 'sea and we all went back, a very happy and tired lot! This is a Daan Utsav, annual ritual with them

ICCW - Carnival

When the heart smiles with joy

Sometimes kids go to a carnival and sometimes, a carnival goes to them!Exactly what some volunteers did.. created a carnival for the children at one of our partner NGOs, on a psecila occasion and spread smiles galore.Thank You Palak for spreading smiles all around

MSS Chetpet - Self Defence

Self Defence - it begins in the mind

A six-month intense capsule that is teaching 200 young friends to be worthy opponents and not a victim, when faced with adversity!Self-defence is a necessity in today's society and thanks to our volunteers, we are able to bring this protective skill to our partner institutions.Thank You Cache for your thoughfulness and concern!