Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

CV Stories

CV orientation for new volunteers

This morning saw 35 volunteers, mostly new, attend a volunteer orientation. The session was about interaction, shared experiences, and of course, information sharing as well. The air wasfilled with positivity, and compassion as our core volunteers, Sonali Shah and Ram MuthuKrishnan shared their volunteering journey with 30 new volunteers. Iyyappan Subramaniyan, founder of Sri Arunodayam Trust, also spoke powerfully on how effectively volunteers have helped his NGO through CV.

All in all, a morning well spent in our world of volunteering :)

Celebrating Pongal with our young friends

The joy of a festival only gets doubled when it is shared with other friends.. That's exactly what some young Chennai Volunteers did on Pongal. They transformed a regular Spoken English session into a fun and celebratory session for Pongal. Where each young student shared their talent, exhibited amazing team spirit and expressed their thoughts on Pongal. Thank You Loyola College for making this Pongal so special for these students

CV at Dawn to Dusk 2013

A big Thanks to our team of volunteers who managed the runners at Dawn to Dusk last morning. I am sure you enjoyed it as much as the runners did!

Being Santa makes us happy too.. Merry Christmas

Who says you need to wait for Santa Santa to bring you a gift? These kids believe they can be Santa too.. after all they do have the greatest gift - that of Life and CV celebrates this gift with them. Merry Christmas!

Teaching Yoga the KYM way.

Krishnamachari Yoga Mandaram & CV have reached out to underprivilged children at two places in our city, through regular yoga sessions. The enthusiasm and focus of these children was amazing... another new episode of volunteering.

Christmas Magic @ MSS Chetpet with Andrea

Andrea with her magical explanation of Christmas carols + happy dancing + eager Santa(s) + doting volunteers + generous goodies = 200+ happy students who had a Christmas celebration like never before! Let the festive spirit of CV roll : )

Sharing festive joy & spreading smiles

Spreading the magic of this season.... Santa comes to CV

Girl's jus wanna have fun

When a well-respected entrepreneur wished to share her skills as a salonist with young girls who can only dream of it....we let her & her team do magic in the form of a make over for these girls. Personal grooming & its importance, pampering and confidence boost was what she conveyed through her experiential session and the girls felt transformed & inspired! Thank You Jaishri Rao for making last afternoon so special for these young women. You gave them a bag full of happy memories as well.

Chennai Volunteers @ the Wipro Chennai Marathon 2013

250 + volunteers cheered, ran with special kids, marked route and facilitated in all possible ways @ The Wipro Chennai Marathon, 2013. And each one of us enjoyed the experience as well, I am sure! Thank You Chennai Runners... Here's to many more such happy moments of volunteering.. you guys are awesome! Thanks Ramesh Mangaleswaran for organising and involving CV in The RUN FOR FUN.

And to our strength - our core team of individual volunteers, Loyola College, Barclays Bank, Ballys Technologies, Disha Sports Academy, SRM University, Ethiraj College, PIL... Thank You all. The smiles on those children's faces would have not been possible without you.

A Dental camp for children at Rainbow Home

It was a balmy Sunday morning that saw a couple of dentists and student volunteers visit Rainbow Home to meet the little kids who live here. They checked their pearlies, gave pertinent advice and then shared some goodies with them as well. All part of a relaxed Sunday

A simple thought with lots of love

Ms. Sasirekha is a person who has amazing knowledge on causes, NGOS & deserving institutions. But, why we find her inspiring is because of the universal love she has for all these people, who she feels, deserve a lot more. It was her idea to invite some special children to Nageshwara Rao Park for an afternoon of fun & games , followed by visits to the neighbourhood homes for Gollu visits. Here are some snapshots of the joy we shared with these kids and she made this Navrathri season more meaningful for all of us, for sure.

A session by students in reusing old t shirts.. to make bags!

100 students of Lady Andal under the able guidance of their Principal, Ms. Tamara & mentor Krithika first learnt & then taught equal number of students of Seva Sadan how to reuse old t-shirts by making cloth bags out of them. This was conceived and carried out by Krithika who has floated a new educational venture in DIY kits of different types "Join The Dots". They launched their venture with this volunteering session where they used this kit for all the kids.

A simple, well- demonstrated session, it provided intense interaction between the students of both schools & everyone felt equally gratified by their joint accomplishment. As for us, we were really impressed by the student volunteers present and their teachers. This was followed by serving of sandwiched by Class XI students who had made and packed them for their friends at Seva Sadan. Yet another example of a simple giving thought which created a wow for so many young children.. A big Thanks to all you who made this happen.

Spreading joy thru' movement, music & cupcakes

Bal Sanjeevani is a centre for children affected by Cerebral Palsy. CV's from Ashok Leyland, Ethiraj College and some individual volunteers got together to create an afternoon of fun for these chidlren and their mothers. Thank You Dr. ravi and Usha Ravi for giving us this opportunity to meet these blessed people. Our special thanks to Andrea Jacob who created some special relaxing moments for the mothers of the children.

End of Term session @ MSS Harrington Road

This is where it all began for us ... and as we bid our students adieu till the next curriculum year, we can only wonder who has learnt more; who the teachers are and who feels more fulfilled.

A Big Thanks, on behalf of the CV team, to all our students who have taught us so much in the last year and a half. We will see you all in July. Till then, your memories will keep us going.

Effective Communication Skills session @ YWCA

An innovative and interactive session with guest speaker & Chennai Volunteer was what it itook tok to convince these women pursuing their vocational courses that English is important for them in their future jobs. A bit of fun, games & lots of thought were the constituents of this programme. What's more, they want it regularly now! We, ofcourse, could only say YES.

Introductory Spoken English session @ Karpagavalli Vidyalaya

A new beginning with new friends & lots to share .. that was th eessence of our new Spoken english session @ a school in Mylapore. The kids are smart, eager and so enthusiastic! Another CV effort thanks to our fabulous volunteers!

Spreading the light of education among those who need it the most

Kudos to our team of student volunteers from Loyola College who have taken out time through out their curriculum year to teach these beautiful children the magic of communicating in English. What started as a tentaive and inhibited interaction has today surpassed our expectations.. they will miss you all.. you've left an indelible mark on their now confident personality!

Self Defence session for girl students

A self-defence expert and our core volunteer arranged an interactive session for these young girls .. and yes, they did show some mean muscle! A special Thanks to J. Keshav from all of us. He is the president of PRO MUAYTHAI AND MMA INDIA - they teach Kickboxing, Muaythai, MMA, Krav Maga & Boxing.

Daniel Kish @ Nethrodaya on Human Echolocation

Daniel spent the better part of the day at Nethrodaya with the visually challenged resident students, explaining and then demonstrating his technique of Human Echo location in the Indian context. For those who have sight, it was indeed an eye opener.

Daniel Kish inspires students of MSS

Daniel Kish and Dakshinamurthy may not have sight but they have a vision that beats all norms! In a motivating and well synched session, Daniel Kish shared his personal experiences & Dakshinamurthy very succintly related it to the girls in a context that they would identify with. There was noone who did not feel humbled, touched and proud of them.