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Is Chennai Volunteers a registered organization? Is it affiliated to any association?

Chennai Volunteer is a social, non-profit initiative of Mecheri Foundation ,a registered trust and is not affiliated to any organization or association.

Who is an online volunteer?

An online volunteer is an individual who commits her/his time and skills over the Internet, freely and without financial considerations, for the benefit of society.

How does online volunteering work?

Online volunteering is a convenient way to volunteer even as it enables you to complete tasks from your desk, either at home or in your workplace.

The web is a convenient and flexible way to share your time and get involved in social action.You
can : research on the web/give special advice/create databases/create web pages/provide helpline support.

How does online volunteering work with you ?

The Online Volunteering service offers a database of online volunteering opportunities. You can identify opportunities that match your interests, expertise and skills, and submit your services to Chennai Volunteers. Details of how it works is given in our website.

What services are offered by Chennai Volunteers Online?

The Online Volunteering service offers tools to facilitate the management of opportunities and online volunteers, provides guidance on online collaboration, and shares best practices and lessons learned via the website. All the organizations and opportunities are screened and the feedback is monitored.

I work full-time. How can I volunteer?

Many volunteering opportunities do not require you to be available through the week or during the day. Weekends are just fine-you only need to find out whether your time commitment matches the requirement.

Do I need qualifications?

Usually you don't. Skilled Volunteering - like counselling, medical check-up, maintenance of accounts etc are in great demand but that's not the only opportunity available to volunteers. Personal skills, such as being able to get on with a wide variety of people, being reliable and being enthusiastic about a particular cause is equally important. Chennai Volunteers also offers training and learning to enable you get involved in and make a go of your volunteering.

How old should I be to volunteer?

You can be of any age to volunteer. There's something for everyone. If you are younger than 18, you have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You should also be in good health.

I don't live in Chennai. Can i volunteer?

Sure. Please get in touch with us.

I am a foreigner. Can I volunteer?

Yes, you can. Please get in touch with us.

Are you affiliated to any religious organization?

Chennai Volunteers believe in the cause. An act of giving, is a universal thought.

Do I need to speak English to volunteer? Should I have language skills?

Speaking English certainly helps. But it will be an advantage to know Tamil.

Can I volunteer on multiple tasks?

Yes, you can volunteer for multiple causes. But you need to register only once.

Do I receive financial compensation?

You share your time and expertise on a voluntary basis and do not receive any financial compensation.

Is the feedback I provide through the website confidential?

You have the option of either sharing your feedback with the organization, or of keeping it confidential. Sharing your comments on the online collaboration is very valuable to us.

What happens if I cannot find opportunities that match my profile?

The opportunities database reflects the demand expressed by development organizations. It may be possible that no demand exists for a particular profile at a certain time. New opportunities are added every day. To be informed as soon as a matching opportunity is published, you can subscribe to our email alerts.

How soon do I hear from you once I register?

We get back with 24 hours. If for some reason, you don't hear from us ,just send us a reminder and we will reach you immediately.

Can I withdraw my volunteer services?

You are under no compulsion. You can just inform us through an email and we will do the needful.

What is an ideal volunteer shift?

The ideal duration for volunteering is 4 hours in a single day, but some volunteers will work a full 8-hour day. Please arrive on time and provide 10-15 minutes to give you an overview of the day's tasks and then set you to work. You can take breaks whenever you need. Plan 30 minutes at the end of your shift to wrap up.

What's a typical volunteer group's size?

Chennai Volunteers welcomes individuals, families, and groups as small as three or as large as over 50. Larger groups require a bit more planning, but we will go the extra mile to make this a wonderful experience for your large group.

What should I wear as a volunteer?

Wear comfortable clothes that suits the temperature and the work you are doing.Dress to serve, preferably conservatively.