Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

Blue Cross of India

The Blue Cross of India was established in 1959 to alleviate the suffering of animals. It has grown from small beginnings to become one of India's largest animal welfare organizations, running active animal welfare, animal rights and humane education programmes. Their activities include Medical waste disposal, Shelters, Rehoming, Adoptathon, ABC - Animal Birth Control, Hospitals, Mobile Dispensary, Work with Other NGOs, Ambulance Services and Other Blue Cross Org. Captain Sundaram is the Founder of the Blue Cross of India. Mr. Sathya Radhakrishnan is the honorary joint Secretary. The organization adheres to strict guidelines of the shelter, which is no inhibitions, no Non Veg, No Alcohol and no Tobacco.

Volunteer requirement wise:

1. In shelter volunteering activities would include:

a. Weaning and handling of pups, kittens, pedigree and abandoned dogs

b. Dog walking, bathing and Grooming etc

c. Spending time with animals

d. Cleaning the shelter, painting and repair work

e. If advanced volunteer – then assist the doctors

2. Adoption in the shelter

a. Counseling people who come for adoption

b. Fostering in the shelter – finding foster homes, adoption drives which happens every month

3. Administration activities and Out of shelter activities

a. Fundraising

b. Adoption and Fostering

c. Awareness, Education programs

d. Marketing / media / Communication / PR / Creative / merchandising etc.

e. Follow up with families who have adopted and check on the conditions of the animals

4. ARF – Area Rescue First AID

a. Volunteers to be trained on very basic First AID who can look at calls that come from their locality and neighborhood.

b. Once the call comes, they can go to the place and verify the situation, if the animal is really sick and then take the necessary action

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