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Nethrodaya is a self-help institution for the differently abled (Visually Challenged & Physically challenged). Started in 2002, it provides a host of career-enabling facilities to underprivileged boys and girls, most of them hailing from rural areas. For many of these boys and girls, 18 to 30, Nethrodaya is their only resource for free board and lodging as well as many other facilities: While most of the residents are visually impaired, Nethrodaya does integrate people with other disabilities. Nethrodaya, which operated from rented houses for six years, built its own building in Chennai in 2008 on land allotted by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Between 2002 and 2009, 327 students benefited from Nethrodaya. Nethrodaya was founded, and is run by, Govinda Krishnan alias Gopi, who is visually challenged himself.

Nethrodaya Legal Aid Center

All persons are equal in the eye of Law. law does not distinguish people by their race, colour, creed,sex,place of birth and disability. It is the men who distinguish the law on the ground of disability.

Volunteering Requirements

Volunteers required to record lessons and reading to the students:

• Timings for Reading: Monday to Sunday – 3 to 6pm.

• Timings for Recording: Monday to Sunday – 9 to 1pm

• Number of Volunteers required: At least 5. (4 Tamil speaking and 1 English speaking)

• Apart from the above regular volunteering, also look forward to support their Events and will be informed as and when required.

Visit: www.nethrodaya.org

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