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Anandam – Home for Senior citizens

Anandam is a Registered Charitable Trust formed in the year 1995 for the cause and care of elders with the avowed objective of being of help to them. The trust had a modest proramme of helping elders requiring help and rehabilitating them in some Homes in Chennai. With no one to depend on, no means of income, no emotional and financial security, Anandam was created afford a helping hand to these senior citizens. Modified to suit accommodation of elders, at present 80 senior citizens call this their home. Comforts like cots, mattresses, fans, solar water heaters, refrigerators, colour television, wet grinder etc have been donated in supporting the elders here. All the residents are provided with a comprehensive medical checkup prior to admission and their health is also taken care of by visiting allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurveda physicians. They are also visited periodically by a Reiki master. All these services are provided free of cost. The building has 12 dormitory halls, along with other general amenities and facilities.

Volunteer Requirements:

1. A monthly visit by volunteers to assist the elderly in their activities like: writing letters, tidying up their living space and to spend some recreational time with them

2. Assisting the home for their Management and Admin requirements like: Accounting, data entry and other general Admin related tasks.

3. Assisting the elderly run tuition center for the under privileged children, from nearby localities.

Visit: www.anandamoldagehome.org

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