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Banyan Shelter Home for Men

Talks are underway with the Corporation of Chennai and Government of Tamil Nadu to open up the night shelters and the Institute of Mental Health so they can be accessed by those in need and take in admissions respectively. To set the wheels in motion, soup kitchens will be opened up in atleast two places of the city to provide hot meals free of cost to those in need.

A committed group of volunteers to be mobilized who will then be trained to engage with people on the streets, strike friendships and act as guardians to persons with mental illness who will be admitted to an institution or on the other hand, volunteer their time helping out at the soup kitchens and night shelters; volunteers could engage in resource mobilization as well.

This initiative hopes to reach out to the homeless by offering medical and social support, improve their safety and security by lessening the sense of vulnerability and easing access to food, shelter and healthcare. All this, to be done as acts of kindness, with joy, love and affection to form an inclusive society - For kindness costs nothing, and a city is truly happy when its people are kind.

Volunteer Requirements:

• Volunteers required serving food for the residence and the homeless

• Volunteers required conducting some recreational activities for the residence

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