Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

Avaai Girls Home

The Avvai Home, Adyar (www.aasai.org/education/avvai-home) - is a non-profit organization to shelter, protect and educate the orphan girls as well as deserted women irrespective of caste, creed or social status. These girls come from very poor families, single parent homes and families living in the nearby slum areas.

Volunteers Sensitisation:

• We visit this school every week to teach Spoken English to the girls in Class IX - both English and Tamil medium

• These girls are from a humble background but aspire to learn more. We are there to spend just 60 minutes with them and the effort should be to optimize your time in terms of helping them to speak in English

• A module is given to every volunteer, please ensure you have your hard copy and know how to follow it. Check if its going to be a new story/ lesson or a continuation of the previous week’s. Your SPOC would be able to guide you the best on this regard

• The students are very impressionable and hence, it is very important not to be impatient and follow the do’s and don’ts as mentioned in the volunteer handbook

Visit: www.aasai.org

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