Volunteering Activities at a Glance..


UDAVI is a voluntary organization registered under Tamil Nadu Societies registration Act 1975 in the year 1993. The organization functions with an ideology to ensure rights of women and children with special focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the society. With this value basis UDAVI works with street children, persons with disability, people living with HIV / AIDS, women at risk, disaster prone.

The organization train their volunteers to be patient and be prepared to repeat any chore the seniors tell. They are instructed to keep from giving any medical advice, prying into the personal affairs of the aged, discussing financial matters and giving any unsolicited advice.

Udhavi is still a fledgling organisation and we seek advice and help from Dignity Foundation whenever required.


To help the elders live a life of peace, enjoy moments, and create active interaction.

Volunteering requirements:

• Udhavi sends its volunteers to seniors to provide them companionship or to render some help.

• They spend quality time with the aged, taking them out for walks or any events, chat with them.

• Volunteers required to read books for them, play indoor games with them, write letters or run errands for them.

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