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Kalaisevi Karunalaya Social welfare society

Kalaisevi Karunalaya Social Welfare Society (KKSS) was founded in 1983 by a young zealous post graduate Mr. Purushottam who wanted to educate poorest from most marginalized communities. Now it has grown into a huge social service organization working for rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned children, the abandoned elderly, women in distress, people addicted to drugs and liquor and victims of natural disasters in rural and urban Tamil Nadu. These people need help - a home, an education, someone with whom to share their problems, or just care and companionship. Yet, having little or no money and no-one to turn to, they are often left neglected and alone. So, by providing shelter, support, counseling, and empowerment, we give them a chance to live the life they deserve. One filled with hope and happiness.

• Home for Aged- There are 2 old age homes above the age groups of 60yrs– tapasya in mogappair west (24 elders) and a new one (18elders) in KKSS main building which has prayer hall, recovery room for sick. Psychology counseling is takes place.

• Women -Family counseling centre & Manushi” – Short Stay Home

• Angel House for Children- Kids who are abandoned from poor families, kids of destitute women are in this home. About 30 children of age group 6-16 both boys and girls are surviving

• Integrated Rehabilitation Centers for Addicts - Drug and alcohol addiction can wreak havoc on communities and families, tearing them apart and ruining lives. To address this problem, we run 2 de-addiction centers where we counsel addicts and provide medication that reduces their urge to resort to addictive substances

Volunteer requirements:

1. Require Volunteers, to train the inmates to do Income generating work like bag making or any kind of Hand crafts. More of an entire livelihood option for them.

2. Need Sustain Volunteer ship

3. Yoga instructor required

4. Recreation time with the inmates in terms of Dance and Music

5. Gardening of the campus

6. Need to conduct session based on Behavior modification.

Visit: www.kkssindia.org

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