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Guild Of Service

The Guild of Service (Central), is a national-level social welfare Organization was established in 1923, now enters its 87th year in the field of organized social service in India. It is set up to co-ordinate activities for the benefit of the economically backward, physically and mentally handicapped and socially weaker sections, from its main office at Chennai and branches. The Guild extends service to children, women and families. It has been involved through 19 units, 4 projects in Chennai and 18 branches all over the country, in programmes aimed at the welfare and empowerment of the under privileged, especially women and children.

The Guild of Service has had a transition from Institutionalized care to community based programmes with the focus on the family. The Guild has also undertaken programmes for livelihood training, poverty alleviation and women's empowerment. The Guild of Service is also initiating projects to create awareness among women and adolescents girls.

Volunteering requirements:

1. Teach Spoken English for class 7 boys and girls

2. Reading English stories for primary school children

3. Recreational activities over the weekends

4. Counseling for the home children.

Visit: www.guildofservicecentral.org

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