Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

Nano Nagle Community College


Nano nagle community college was founded in 2002 by the presentation sisters. This college is interested to train young women from the margins of the society in employment oriented skills and the ability to face the challenges of life. The aim of the college is to fulfil the Social requirement through the Development of Human Resources.

The college offers employment oriented skill trainings, training to develop the technical skills and social skills, short period and minimal fees.

Diploma Courses:

1. Diploma in Desktop Publishing(DTP)

2. Diploma in Health Assistance(DHA)

3. Diploma in Computer Application(DCAS)

Volunteer requirements:

• Volunteers to teach spoken English for the student’s survey in the current world

• Volunteers to help to improve their life styles.

• Volunteers to help towards their career development.

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