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Arvind Foundation

Arvind Foundation is a registered Non-Profit organization, founded in September 2004, with the aim of working towards benefiting under- privileged Children with Special Needs. (Those children challenged with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Mental Retardation, ADHD etc).

Our focus and approach has been towards prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation and inclusion of underprivileged special children and livelihood for the mothers of these children. We also spend considerable time and energy in building awareness of such children.


This Charitable Institution was formed to see that underprivileged children with mental disabilities:-

Diploma Courses:

1. Become an integral part of this society

2. Have their right to education, training, games, leisure etc.

3. To live, work and contribute to society like others

4. To enjoy equal privileges, rights & opportunities as other normal children, without discrimination

5. To have an opportunity for safe & productive adulthood


To SEEK out underprivileged children with special needs and to INTERVENE by assessing their special needs and provide comprehensive and innovative curative education and services through trained specialists , modern technology & infrastructure and make them as independent as possible.

Volunteer requirements:

• Need to give the movement therapy for the beneficiaries by the volunteers.

• Volunteers have to teach spoken English to the school.

• Need to spend time with students and make them happy always.

• Volunteers should be regular as the students are not able to remember.

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