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Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Excellence

Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children (MNC) was established in Chennai in December 1989, to provide an Early Intervention programme to children with mental retardation and associated disabilities, through systematic training, research and curriculum development. Among their beneficiaries are children with additional handicap such as visual, hearing or physical impairments, as well as children with brain damage due to various reasons such as antenatal / natal problems in mothers, birth asphyxia, and illnesses in children during infancy and early childhood years. This centre is open to parents of all such children; the children are assessed and then allocated early intervention programmes. Some of these can be tailor-made for the individual. They also provide counseling for the parents. Their aim is to integrate as many of these children to mainstream schools and make the others ready for special schooling.

Volunteering Requirements

• Developing software that will support all the data (400 - 5000 records) and make it effective information at hand.

• Data entry of these records (probably through an intern).

• Computer software training to the staff.

• Volunteers required for recreational activities like art, dance, games and music on a weekly basis.

• Help with handmade teaching aids (lamination machine available at the centre)

• Volunteers required organizing a Library of books

• Help with the nutrition project — check the distribution of the healthy snacks and assess the increase in HB levels of the children

Project based volunteering

• Communications (emails) related work for the International Seminar from Nov 7 - 11, 2013.

• Volunteers to manage the same on those days

Shift to a new premise in T Nagar

• Help with the actual shift, if possible

• Make it more child friendly — arrangement of rooms, planting of trees, etc.

• An interiors person who can guide them with how to make the classrooms look better, more Montessori like.

Visit: www.mncindia.org

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