Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

Rehoboth – Home For Mentally challenged

Rehoboth was initiated with this project with 2 women in January of 2000. This project now serves 95 women. Social stigma and poverty has driven many mentally challenged individuals out of their families and in to the streets. When abandoned they not only become vulnerable to starvation and infections but also to abuse and exploitation. Women face even more physical harm than men on the streets. Most of the residents are picked-up from the streets where they are abandoned. Some of our residents are also referred to us by NGOs working in other fields, besides police stations that pick up destitutes from the streets. Our residents are typically picked-up with severe infections and injuries besides emotional and physical scars of abuse on the streets.

In order to sustain a life of quality, most of our residents need psychiatric and neurological medication. Associated problems like epilepsy, physical disabilities and motor incoordination need to be addressed with specific professional help.

Volunteering options in Rehoboth.

1. Manual work

2. Skill based volunteering

3. Entertain thro ‘songs and dance.

4. Help in the vocational training unit

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