Volunteering Activities at a Glance..


Sankalp- The Open School is where students can learn academics and life skills according to their achievement levels. The nurturing environment create and interactions in small groups gives students confidence. The special teaching methods used, help the children to overcome the learning challenges they face and brings out their hidden potential.

Sankalp- Learning Centre caters to children having severe learning difficulties in area such as Autism, a developmental disability affecting social interaction, communication and imaginative play. Usually detected prior to age 3, children display stereotyped 1behavior, interests and activities. This disability adversely affects education. Aspergers,a developmental disability affecting social interactions. The child has restricted interests and activities. These children are tested in the range of average to above average intelligence. Slow Learners, possess normal dexterity but their overall development is slow or impaired and they lack normal ability for schoolwork. They lack in social skills and have a very low self-esteem because of their challenge. The school has about 115 students; from 7 to 16yrs. Timings of the school is 9am to 3pm. The volunteering activities would be preferred for second half of the school hours.

Volunteering Requirements:

1. To spend recreational time with children to keep children occupied, to play games with them.

2. Volunteers for teaching Music, Dance, Art and Craft etc.

3. To do storytelling, puppetry, flash cards or activity using visuals.

4. Male volunteers could also engage the children with some sort of sports activity or physical exercise.

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