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Dr.V.S. Natarajan Geriatric Foundation

Dr. V.S. Natarajan has been rendering various welfare services to the elderly community on his personal capacity. These days, apart from health concerns there has been a quantum leap in the societal and familial issues faced by the elders. Such a scenario warrants an institutional approach to at least provide minimum respite to the elders hit by these issues.
The Foundation will strive to serve the elders community by taking health care to their doorsteps, organize scientific symposiums, provide financial assistance to poor, destitute elders and coordinate various organizations serving the elderly for collective action


• To mentor and support organizations and individuals serving the elderly.

• To play a significant role in creating knowledge workers for various geriatric care services.

• Partnering with various stakeholders and agencies that serve the poor, destitute elderly through.

• Champion the cause of ‘Healthy ageing’ and ‘Successful ageing’ concepts through sustained use of various media tools.

• To campaign for the causes pertaining to the welfare of the elderly community.

• To conduct various events and activities for the welfare of the elderly.

• Policy advocacy to bring about meaningful changes in the lives of elderly community.

• To encourage research &development efforts for the betterment of the elderly community

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