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People lay claim to fame in many ways. There are people who have sailed across the world, slayed enemies and saved nations.And you have heard of them.Of course, you haven't heard of me, but in my own defined world, I am famous. Because I became a privileged visitor to Vidyasagar.

"A movement, a flight for freedom, a statement of faith," is how the website describes Vidyasagar, an Institution that has now become synonymous with holistic development and education for children and adults with special needs.

Developmental disability is a severe, chronic disability caused by a physical or mental impairment that is likely to continue indefinitely. Developmental disabilities limit a person's ability for self-care, learning, language, mobility, self-direction, capacity for independent living and economic self-sufficiency.

For two decades, now, Vidyasagar has worked with special and differently-abled people to give them a purpose of being - helping them belong and celebrate the beauty of life.An emotional investment- Vidyasagar has done pioneering work in demystification of disability; empowering persons with special needs and their families with knowledge and skills, while strongly advocating on issues of inclusion.

As I walk through the corridors of their School, I see signs of positive energy vibrate all around. There's a huge poster with pictures of kids on a holiday. Small thought blurbs tell you the story of how they "made it" or enjoyed it "on their own". A boy of 12 says hello! to me and communicates with a book in his hand, eager to know my name, and why I am there in the first place! Dedicated rooms for each activity is another highlight here. Everything is tailored to help children and adults lead near full lives, helping them to co-exist together with their abilities and gifts and treasuring diversity.

The people at this institution... they are an inspiration by themselves.

The teaching and volunteering staff includes trained teachers and parents who infuse the atmosphere with a positive spirit, that's rare to find.The zest and the momentum exhibited by every single person here is palpable. With a multitude of programs, some pro-active, and some others tailor-made to address specific needs, the place is abuzz with life. And yes, they all wear the same uniform- a radiant smile.

In a hurried and rushed up world, Vidyasagar is an institution that celebrates the differences and uses collective initiative to make an impact in the world of disability.

I am reminded of the quote, "A handful of pine-seeds will cover mountains with the green majesty of a forest." How true!

Vidyasagar is constantly in need of committed and skilled volunteers for its growing needs. To create a more self sustaining mode of livelihood, Vidyasagar is looking for designers who can train them on accessory making, block printing and other such forms. Vidyasagar is also looking at yoga therapists who can teach Yoga for children with special needs.

Visit: www.vidyasagar.co.in

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