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Sri Arunodayam Trust

Sri Arunodayam is a home for children with multiple disabilities, both intellectual and physical. Recognised as a reception unit by the state government, Sri Arunodayam rescues, provides care, shelter and rehabilitation for deserving children who have been abandoned by their biological families. It caters to a wide spectrum of children with special needs, ranging from borderline children who can be trained into becoming independent individuals, to profound cases requiring life-long palliative care and respite. The mixed model, where children from various categories are accepted, makes the organisation unique and increases its responsibility manifold. The children are provided therapy, special classes and vocational training.

Volunteering requirements

• Skilled admin help in preparing of a child’s case file

• Editing content for newsletter, annual report

• Special educators

• Yoga instructors

• Entertainment and recreational activities with young children

• Online or distant help, if skilled, also welcome

Visit: www.sriarunodayam.org

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