Volunteering Activities at a Glance..

Kri Foundation

The paint box is an initiative to spruce up our dirty, spat upon walls and public spaces. We want to bring out different strokes of art and performance art onto the streets, be it on the walls, bus stops or pavements. This is a fun initiative which hopes to bring together art enthusiasts, public space 'cleaners' and lovers of aesthetics. 

The love for our city got us to get out and start hands on work in public spaces. Why wait for someone else to make our city beautiful. 
Our aim is to slowly expand and hopefully inspire people to start owning their surroundings and in turn create a self sustaining community. 
This is a long, exciting and colourful journey waiting ahead of us!  

We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us grow and spread all the lovely art work onto the walls.

Our activities include:
1. POETRY SESSION - In collaboration with Prakriti Foundation, We host monthly poetry painting and reading sessions, where we choose a poem and paint it on the wall and have a group reading and sharing of the poem. We follow certain guidelines to choose the poem.
2. PERFORMANCE ART - We are slowly working towards bringing all forms of performance onto the streets.
3. PAINTING SESSION - Every weekend we have painting session in different locations and for different causes. 

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