Volunteering Activities at a Glance..


If you have a talent to give, expertise or perspective you would like to share, then volunteering is a fantastic way to reach out and create new dynamics to the lives you touch besides your own.

But where you start can make all the difference.

At Chennai Volunteers we follow a unique system of open-ended scheduling and online arrangements that eliminates the who, where and how of volunteering.

All you need to do? Present yourself with energy and enthusiasm.

Chennai Volunteers partners with a number of non-profit organizations and is currently involved in several meaningful projects with volunteer teams working on board in various capacities. Here’s how you can contribute.

First-Time Volunteer

If you are volunteering for the first time, Chennai Volunteers offers you multiple options to check out... Just start with something you believe in and follow your interests to get that first kick?

An Experienced Volunteer

If you are a Returning Volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities to give your commitment as a serious change agent.

A Skill-Based Volunteer

Use your talent, competence or skill and contribute your service for free.

Just Contribute my Time Volunteer

If you have a few hours to spare in a day, week or month, tell us and we will work a schedule to accommodate your valuable contribution.

Help in the times of Disaster Volunteer

You can play a critical role and reach out to the vulnerable with what you have to offer.

Support a Cause Volunteer

Feel passionate about something? Get heard and do something about it.

Schools/Colleges as Volunteers

When you involve your school/college/educational institution in volunteering activities, students learn to participate in group activities, appreciate his/her community and develop self-esteem as they realize that they make a difference.

Children as Volunteers- Catch them Young!

At Chennai Volunteers, we believe that by volunteering, children experience the many blessings that come with service to others. They also learn important life skills like being responsible, staying organized, leadership values , and acquiring a caring spirit.

When children volunteer, they often find themselves in a position where responsibility is required. They feel a newfound sense of being needed and gain self-confidence when they know they've made a real contribution to a volunteer project. CV has several modules where children can volunteer. These include and are not limited to:

Craft activities with specially - abled children

Visiting an old age home with sweets

Celebrating Children’s Day with less fortunate children

Spending time with abandoned animals

Music and Dance sessions

Participating in environment related awareness events.

Children have little reason to understand the comfortable lives they lead. It is important to help children learn about a world beyond their wants and desires through volunteering.

Chennai Volunteers has volunteer opportunities that are suitable for all ages and interests.

Volunteer for an Occasion

Celebrate your birthday, remember a dear one or make an anniversary memorable. Spend some time and good cheer with the lesser-privileged and make a difference. As a volunteer you can extend valuable support and help to the non-profit organizations with Chennai Volunteers. We have found that there is always a need for regular supplies and other usable materials and many have already come forward to contribute in this direction. Some of these include:

Ceiling Fans installed in a Home for the destitute.

Steel cots gifted to a Home for the Aged.

Water pump replaced at a Home for the Aged.

Monthly medicines provided at a Home for the mentally destitute children.

Annual School fees for the under-privileged destitute children at a Home.

Monthly supplies for children at a Home for the destitute.

Eye check-up for students at a school for the underprivileged children.

Wheelchairs for an Institute for the handicapped.

In-kind donations go a long way in improving lives besides enriching volunteer initiatives and are well appreciated by the beneficiaries.

Volunteering and Corporate Social Responsibility

Improve your corporate responsibility initiatives by engaging your organization in meaningful volunteering. You can join any of the projects listed on our site or request a customized program specific to your area of activity.

The Mentoring program for Corporates by Chennai Volunteers provides opportunities to engage and develop leadership talent besides creating a knowledge bank on not-for profit experiences. Knowledge-sharing and cross-sector involvement also helps your executives develop a more holistic view of society.

The Concept of Online Volunteering

Online Volunteering is not just about helping someone or reaching out to someone with a few clicks of the mouse. It is not an alternative way to serve either.

Online Volunteering is another way to help when you don’t have the time to be face-to-face at all times or you need to reach out beyond geographical boundaries.

For example, if you are a volunteer helping out with the administrative systems in an NGO, you may have to go onsite to meet the staff, collect information but you can follow it up with most of the donated service from the work computer. You could be a doctor who can go for medical round-ups once a week and follow it up with feedback on the wire.

There’s More.

Committed volunteers who don’t fit any of these categories are always needed-fund-raising to special events coordination…Just let us know what you can do! Whichever way you do it, Chennai Volunteers makes it meaningful and a fun experience! A cool way to spend your time and a great thing to do- even as you make this world a better place in your own nice way!