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Tutoring @ the Rainbow Homes Ending Date: 28/03/2016 Starting Date: 13/07/2015

  • Location: [ Chetput]
  • NGO Name: admin
  • Activity Type: Teach Spoken English for underprivilaged
  • Volunteering Type: MidTerm, LongTerm,
  • No. Of Required volunteers By: 10

Description The Rainbow Home program secures the basic rights of the girl child through guaranteed education, nutrition, clothing, health care, recreation, love and support to ensure their reintegration into mainstream Indian society. The girls are enrolled in regular school programs and age appropriate classes, usually after a short period of remedial teaching as well as by a wide volunteer base and buddy programmes with children/students in more privileged schools. The Rainbow Program also acts as a catalyst in the community, encouraging other school drop-outs and poor children from nearby slums and shanties to attend school without fear of stigma and reproachment.


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