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Assist the teachers of a day care center for children aged 1-3 years Ending Date: 31/12/2012 Starting Date: 04/07/2012

  • Location: [ EldamsRoad]
  • NGO Name: admin
  • Activity Type: Care
  • Volunteering Type: ShortTerm,
  • No. Of Required volunteers By: 2

Description Karna prayag Trust runs a day care centre for the children aged 1-3 years, of surrounding areas, which functions from 8.30 AM in the morning and closes at 7.00pm in the evening on all working days. Two teachers and two care givers look after 28 children at the center. The main focus of our activities at the center, is physical, cognitive and social development of the children through play way method. They require volunteers, to assist the teacher at the center, in managing the children: playing and teaching them. First half of the day is preferred.


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