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Volunteer for a Community Mental Health Program Ending Date: 31/12/2012 Starting Date: 06/07/2012

  • Location: [ Nungambakam]
  • NGO Name: admin
  • Activity Type: Care
  • Volunteering Type: ShortTerm,
  • No. Of Required volunteers By: 20

Description The Banyan is one of the leading organizations that work with mentally ill destitute women. Kind People, Happy City is an initiative that aims to bring together several civil society organisations, government bodies and driven individuals into a collective that will work together to bring about a change in the lives of those who have the streets for a home. A committed group of volunteers to be mobilised who will then be trained to engage with people on the streets, strike friendships and act as guardians to persons with mental illness who will be admitted to an institution or on the other hand, volunteer their time helping out at the soup kitchens and night shelters; volunteers could engage in resource mobilasation as well. Civil society organisations will hand hold and smoothen the process by providing training and lending their expertise. The training will take place at Loyola college premises every Thursday from 4 to 5. And then, the volunteers can start dealing with the clients at the Out patient clinic in the same place.


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