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Spending time with Elders Ending Date: 30/04/2013 Starting Date: 05/04/2013

  • Location: [ Ambattur]
  • NGO Name: admin
  • Activity Type: Care
  • Volunteering Type: MidTerm,
  • No. Of Required volunteers By: 10

Description Anandam is a happy place to visit…very neat and tidy, a lively home with some spirited and positive elders; however, the residents are old, have no family and look forward to company. This place was created to offer a Home for those senior citizens who have no one to depend on, no means of income, no emotional and financial security. At present, 80 senior citizens call this place their home. They need volunteers who can come and visit the elders, spend time with them, help them with small jobs, help the home tally accounts, etc.


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