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Recreation/ Therapy for special children Ending Date: 31/03/2014 Starting Date: 01/06/2013

  • Location: [ Tharamani]
  • NGO Name: admin
  • Activity Type: Care
  • Volunteering Type: MidTerm, LongTerm,
  • No. Of Required volunteers By: 10

Description SPASTAN that empowers and enables disabled people to reach their full potential through Education, Training and Employment. They offer a wide range of services to parents of disabled children from special schools to Integration/ Inclusive education systems and job-orientated training programmes. SPASTN envisages an inclusive society which respects and values diversity, human rights and participation of persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others in all aspects of community life. They also promote self-help groups and focus strongly on improving access for the disabled by promoting a barrier free environment. They need volunteers who can come to the centre and train the children in physical exercises, games, experiential stories, music, art and dance. These sessions will beheld every Friday in the afternoons for an hour as a group volunteering activity.


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