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Karma Store, 2017

Karma Store:

        Karma Store will is a pop-up store at 2 charitable institutions across Chennai, in Kolathur and Santhome, places the destitute are known to populate. It helps reach out to the homeless and helpless with food and basic essentials in a compassionate manner. We organise a weekly soup kitchen at the venue and feed hungry people who walk in as well as reach out to homeless on the street around in the area (by integrating it with Dinners With Dignity). The institution houses a small section where basics like soap, shirts, pants, sarees, bed sheets, lungis, children’s clothes, toothbrushes are stocked and when we see a person who needs them, it will be handed over to them, with compassion.

When & Where:

Day : Every Saturday evening

Time : 5.00 PM - 3.30 PM

Venue :

North Chennai
Sri Arunodhayam Trust,
No.35 Sivananda Nagar,
Chennai - 600099.

South Chennai
Cultural Academy,
Santhome High Road,
Chennai - 600004.