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Volunteers are needed for awareness cleanup

Chennai Coastal Cleanup - 8

        The Chennai Trekking Club is a non-profit volunteer based organization which organizes regular outdoor, sports and environmental events to create awareness on a more active, healthier and greener future. With more than 40 thousand members and hundreds of events we reach out to tens of thousands of people each year.

        A massive effort led by Chennai Trekking Club. Every year, thousands of Chennai citizens come forth and clean the entire stretch of our beach and several lakes. While it seems like a one day event, it has grown into a long term, sustained programme of creating awareness on keeping our beach and city clean, not littering, segregating waste and composting. Chennai Volunteers has supported CTC at this event for the past five years and believes in the cause they stand for.

        We need as many hands as possible and you are welcome with your family and friends.

Date : June 18th, 2017

Day : Sunday

Time : 6.00 AM

Location : Pattinapakkam Beach, Chennai

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